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From amateurs to models, many erotic and beautiful girls are fine in having their nudes taken. They are proud of their sexy bodies and flawless bits and are happy to let everybody see what they have. They are proud and that’s the most important reason why they will never do porn (that’s what they say – some will do anyhow – no need to believe what girls say). Today, we have the pleasure of publishing and introduction into some of the best nudie pie and nude art sites online. Fasten your seatbelts and explore the top nude art sites.


In case the word ‘tasteful’ has special meaning when you choose your style of adult entertainment, you may be interested to know the makers of FemJoy share your values! Don’t let the title of this site get you side tracked – this is a pure and simple paradise for lovers of natural nude erotic visuals. This collection of photographs and videos features the most beautiful women from all around the world including: Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA and Eastern Europe, in totally tasteful naturally nude poses. The galleries here will take you on a pleasant journey from scenic outdoors to cozy warm private places. All the models are centerfold quality beauties and the photographers and videographers at Fem Joy have far exceeded the average norm in quality. Charme, innocence, erotic, and mischievous are just some of the words which touch on the kind of entertainment this site offers.

The young women are beautiful and while refreshingly innocent looking, they do warm up to the camera to ensure a more than tempting tease as part of their nude modeling. These girls bring enough variety of sexy body shapes, hair color, and attitudes to your screen to keep you busy for a very long time. The overall tone to the site is very relaxing and every part of the design, from the members area to the galleries is sharp and uncluttered. One of the first features noticed and appreciated while dipping into the member galleries was the magazine cover style of presentation. Every lovely lady has her own cover page, but even more so, once you start venturing into their galleries, easy and handy thumbnailed links are provided for other babes as well. This is a great way to peruse and explore all of the many sets available to members. I like this much better than simply pulling up a list of galleries (like a clerk) and drilling down.


While the tasteful approach to the nudes and filming is definitely a notable quality of Fem Joy, the variety of models is really what makes this site so easy to get lost in. Large breasts, modest breasts, trimmed, smooth, blonde, brunette, sassy, sweet, redhead, and slender are just some of the tasty visual treats which fill up the shelves here. Whether you choose to view the photographs or the videos (I recommend BOTH), each are recorded and presented in the highest of qualities. Poster size resolution photos are available to those who prefer filling up their high res screens to the max, and smaller formats are available to those with more modest monitor capabilities. In ALL cases, the photos are totally stunning. Some of the babes model in studios with classic themes, while others lounge outdoors in the meadow or on the beach as they bare bodies are captured on film. The videos available to members are presented in up to HDV (High Definition Video) quality so the presentations are as large as (if not larger than) life. You can download or stream videos in all popular formats.

Ron Harris

If you have not yet heard of Ron Harris and you plan to hang out in the adult entertainment world, you probably will trip over some of his many masterpieces sooner or later! Ron Harris is a professional photographer/videographer who specializes in young adorable (adult) girls. His work is top shelf to the max and he is a legend in the world of erotic photography. His list of kudos is long and includes some of the industries top players including: Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy Magazine, People Magazine, Paramount Pictures, Elle Magazine, Playboy, Porn Living, Glamour Magazine, Newsweek, USA TODAY and more! It’s not often that adult entertainment producers are acknowledged so much in the mainstream world as in their adult turf as well. But this is an excellent underscoring of how Ron Harris blends naughty with tasteful at the same time. If you appreciate the highest quality erotic visuals, you would be missing out on an incredible experience if you passed this site by. Even if your usual tastes in adult mischief are oriented to hardcore more than softcore, you will appreciate how EROTICA can be just as titillating as the explicit sexuality. But don’t worry – this site offers up explicit hardcore in ways that should satisfy most porn appetites.

ron harris photo

The models featured at this site are just as important in the tasty outcome as the technical skills applied. These are all soft and sweet young babes who all seem to share a common quest of achieving the most intense real orgasms ever captured on film. The girls in these episodes are teamed up with plastic playfriends (dildos, vibrators and such) and other chicks as well. The galleries are organized into “Lick and Suck”, “Extreme Toys”, “Girl+Girl”, “Real Orgasms”, and “Backstage”. To add even more sizzle to the already stunning sets, these galleries are offered up in HD 1080p resolution video! Hot chicks, intimate settings, professional acclaimed production, and high high high resolutions can only lead to one thing – a great adult viewing experience. Unlike many other sites which are cumming on board with their HD claims, this site is LOADED with content and the model count is a testament to how long Ron Harris has been perfecting his art. You will be busy for a very long time as you muse over the galleries featured in this collection.

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The official site of Penthouse magazine. Curious about what a site so well known would look like in the member’s area? is just as good as you would think it is, if not better. A membership to this site is $29.95 monthly and it’s a bargain considering the quality nudes. The member’s area of has a lot to offer. The homepage is the place to go to see the latest updates and news. Besides all the latest updates, there are random thumbnails throughout that’ll take you to special features. Since this site has such an extensive archive and so much to offer, these random thumbnails will clue you in on things you may not know this site provides. Below the little news brief section, you’ll find the Pet of the Month section. The pet of the month is pictured with a little bio of herself that leads to her photo page. After that you’ll find the latest video and photo set. I can’t say how often the videos are updated but photosets are added to everyday. To the right on the main page is a column with some quick navigational links. These links will take you to all the Pets since 1973, photosets and videos organized by category, live chat, erotic stories, the penthouse store, bonus sites, a section to subscribe to the magazine at a discount, and a listing of the top “toys” that you can buy.

busty blonde

Baywatch style nudity with famous models and American pornstars is Penthouse’s focus. Who doesn’t love busty, shaved blondes with beautiful eyes? After all, they can save your life on Santa Monica Beach.

The galleries featured at are the highest quality glamour photos that you’ll ever find. Penthouse isn’t a small time publication so you know they can spring for the best equipment, photographers, and models. Photos are viewable in galleries in your browser or can be downloaded as a zip file. Four levels of resolution are available for every photo.

Videos on this site are divided into three sections: full length movies, hardcore feeds, and behind the scenes footage. The full length movies are Penthouse productions of great quality and featuring great girls. The videos are available for download or streaming in your browser – choose high or low resolution and go from there. The hardcore feeds aren’t the best quality but they’re great for bonus material. Feeds can be found in just about any category that you can think of and can be streamed in your browser in three levels of quality. The behind the scenes footage includes makeup, outtakes, interviews, and other candid video sessions. These clips are really fun to watch and let you in on the real lives of these beautiful babes. has an extraordinary archive of Penthouse footage that is added to on a daily basis. You can check out girls from 1973 and on looking hot as hell. The quality is exceptional and the site has a whole lot to offer for a relatively small fee. If you’re a fan of the magazine, other magazines like it, or glamour photography in general, make sure you check out this site.


Anyone with the slightest amount of computer lieracy will tell you that being called a “noob” is not exactly a compliment, but when it cums to young adult porn, “Nubiles” is a whole nother story! If you want fresh young sassy and sexual women streaming at you, virtually non-stop, then fasten your porn seat belt and get ready for the kind of hardcore ride, you can’t get from most other sites! Watching girls on the web can grow old after a while. It’s not uncommon to get tired of the same models, however hot and horny they may be. Call it greener pasture on the other side of the fence or just insatiable sexual appetite, but it’s a fact that regular porn surfers want more every day! Nubiles hits the spot is so many ways that you’d be a boob to not check out these nubes! According to the definition posted by the makers of this dirty debutant mecca, “nubile” is a descriptive term referring to: a girl who has reached sexual maturity; when a girl blossoms into a woman; sexually mature and attractive (as applies to young women). In this regard, Nubiles delivers!

When I stepped into the Nubiles zone, I was impressed by the staggering volume of content. Not only do the 430 models featured in this growing collection give you more than enough fresh porn to muse over, but the content is exclusive. This is the place to check these chicks out! All of the girls featured in this tribute to young female adult XXX are hot and sweet. But I would not be able to call these chicks “innocent” (without fibbing). Everything you’ve cum to love about other hardcore porn sites is well represented at Nubiles. Pretty young women posing for the camera in the nude, is just one of the many sinsational flavors of visual stimulation offered by the makers. Some of these girls are hot enough to make your mouth water just by watching them frolic about on their beds topless and in panties. Of course, the panties DO cum off, and you get a front row seat to pretty pussies presented just for you! The youngest chicks are eighteen, and the roster of babes includes early twenty somethings too.

Slim, shaved and adorable: Nubiles model Stalfra. Most models on this megasite have very hot looks with sharp adjectives.

Slim, shaved and adorable: Nubiles model Stalfra. Most models on this megasite have very hot looks with sharp adjectives.

If your more inclined to watching girls part their juicy bits and insert their fingers or even large sex toys as they practice their masturbation techniques, you’ll love the toy play galleries. Many of the girls are completely waxed or shaved between the legs, so slick pussy lovers will be in paradise! Of course, hardcore is not complete without some real men (and the guys that are attached to them), so you can revel in the (carnal) knowledge that the girls fuck for the camera too! But rather than just dream about this, for $29.31 you can enjoy all the hi res photo and video galleries for 30 days. Let’s face it – most sites out there on the web offer a dribble of content, fluffed out with, often unrelated, “bonus” feeds. Nubiles on the other hand is 100% on the money and I cannot think of too many other sites with so much to offer the member. And that’s why I’m awarding a perfect score!

Just Teen Site

Just Teen Site is a teen erotica website that is on its way to the top. If you like teen erotica in extremely high quality, this is the place for you. A membership costed $24.95 for the first month and $19.95 from then on. The photo galleries are extensive, exclusive, and totally hot. Just Teen Site is supposed to update every two days, and although it may not seem like it sometimes, it does. There are long periods of time where updates are daily and other times where you may have to wait three or four days for your new photos. However, it does average out to two updates each day, if not more. When you first login to this site, you are taken to the latest 28 updates. Each update preview has a thumbnail with the girl, the date, the amount of photos, and the name of the set. To the left of that are the top ten sets and to the right is a list of links to the archives.

Every gallery is available in high and low resolution. The high resolution photos are huge while the low res pictures are perfect to look at. Skipping from picture to picture is easy in your browser but if you don’t want to do that, you can download the zip of the set instead. The quality is absolutely amazing – it just doesn’t get any better than this. If you happen to really like the girl you’re looking at in one gallery, you can click a link that’ll take you to a page with all of your pictures. Some girls only have one gallery of themselves while others have many. Archives of this site date back to November of 2004. At the time of this review, December of 2005, there are 19012 photos total in 212 series. The updates are very plentiful, the quality is high, and the site is very clean cut. There’s not much more that I can say other than the fact that Just Teen Site is absolutely fantastic.
Sincerely apologies: after finishing this review JTS closed down and went offline. It’s a big loss for all fans of flawless Russian skin and pussy.

Two hot blondes from JTS provoking each other with tenderness.

Two hot blondes from JTS provoking each other with tenderness.

Naked By

This used to be the finest nudity based paysite with French, Belgian and Dutch amateurs apart from the known German and Czech models. Very provocative. Unfortunately, the site changed hands and the paysite section is gone. It is replaced by an adult blow showing images of sexy behinds that allow rear pussy views. Deliciously good. Go here: Naked By.

There are many other good nude sites. In our next article we will review the best nude art sites, where skin photography is taken to a much higher level.

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